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What is the Bas Relief Process?

The image to the right is one of the Bas Relief hand-cast scripture originals created by Christian artist Betty Spooner. A close-up image of how the finished artwork looks is available by clicking anywhere on the image or by clicking HERE. Look at the detail in the work, and imagine this beautiful piece of original signed art in your home or office. To learn more about the process of how these pieces of art are created, click HERE.

There are over 100 different verses available. We have conveniently separated them by Old Testament, New Testament, and Specialty Verses. Each of these categories is listed in order by book as they are found in the Bible. There are several sizes and price levels available. We have photos for many of the pieces, however, they are all framed and matted alike.

Customers give these for Wedding, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday and Christmas gifts, as well as purchasing for their own home or office. Many Churches throughout the US have these displayed throughout their buildings and offices. Also, private schools have given these as donor appreciation gifts.

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