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Beautiful home decor - This framed scripture print is shown above a fireplace "Designed For You" was started in 1995. As the business turned to helping customers in their homes, I opened a small retail space at a local designer showcase, Palmetto Home & Garden. I changed the name of the business to DFY Interiors to reflect the nature of my work. Over the years, I have helped many customers by providing home furnishings and accents to enhance their homes.

My goal is to help my clients create an interior that will bring 'beauty' to their lives. Anyone who enters a home or office should sense that 'beauty', and not just from an outward appearance. Beauty must comfort, nourish, invite, and inspire our spirits.

Early on, we discovered a line of Christian artwork that reflects that beauty. I have placed a number of these pieces in businesses, homes, and churches throughout the area. They are also available at my retail shop in Palmetto Home & Garden located in Greenville, SC. After receiving requests from others throughout the country who learned of these pieces through customers, I decided that making them available over the web would be a great way for me to help others realize the power of these pieces. The colors, designs, and frames make these pieces suitable for many environments, both formal or casual.

We invite you to search for your favorite scripture. There are over 100 verses available. If you are interested in a gift that is truly unique, consider having your favorite scripture art commissioned for a one-time set up fee.

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